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10 Feb 2013
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The old cliché of being at the right place at the right time applies to me. In fact, I think it applies to everyone. Most of us think this cliché means they happen to be driving through a neighborhood right when the house they want goes on the market. I know that it is more […]

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20 Jan 2013
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Working within budgets

Advertising agencies have a big task. Clients come to us with a certain expectation on how their marketing and advertising is going to look, communicate and most importantly, provide results. As a Denver advertising agency, Encite still has the same challenges as the rest of the industry. We aren’t too worried about providing measurable and […]

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23 Dec 2012
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Agency side versus client side

In advertising and marketing circles, conversations about working on the marketing agency side versus working as an in house marketing person are pretty common. Many people are partial to one side or the other, but each has their pros and cons. I think Denver is a pretty conventional market. We have several large companies that […]

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