Western Cooperative Test Group

Western Cooperative Test Group, Marketing Firm Client


Western Cooperative Test Group (WCTG) is a non-profit organization that focuses on standardized testing for asphalt materials. They also work to connect companies who use asphalt materials with companies who produce them. There are 54 member labs in WCTG, most of whom are located in Colorado, Wyoming, and the Rocky Mountain region.

WCTG hired our marketing agency to create a logo for their organization.

In the logo design, we included arrows to infer the partnership that the members of WCTG share, and we used a script font to add visual interest to the logo and branding.

In our marketing agency, we’ve worked with a number of non-profits, on projects that involved multiple decision-makers and constituents.

For marketing projects, we’ve developed proprietary workflows and processes that are both collaborative and streamlined.

We can bring your vision to life (even if you have multiple visions), in all types of mediums – from logo design to copywriting, website design to social media, video to printed materials.

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