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THE Marketing Agency For Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner who wants the best, most creative marketing and advertising, but don’t want to pay the steep prices charged by major advertising agencies?

Most marketing agencies don't cater to the small business market and while these ad agencies create great work, most small businesses have a limited budget. Several years ago, I founded Encite Marketing after working on both the client and advertising agency sides of the advertising business in Denver. I knew there was an underserved market in the small business sector. Most small businesses never implement a strategic marketing program, simply because they can't afford it.

At Encite Marketing, we are a marketing agency specializing in providing affordable, integrated marketing services, including: strategic planning, social media management and optimization, branding and messaging (logos, corporate identity, brand positioning), interactive marketing (website design and development, apps, SEO), creative (graphic design, collateral, copywriting), public relations, advertising, media planning and buying, and event marketing.

What do you need, and what are you looking for in an advertising firm? I’d love to sit down with you, in a free consultation, and talk about how we might work together!

Adam O’Leary President, Encite Marketing

Please note: Encite Marketing is located in Denver, Colorado, and we provide marketing and advertising services to small business clients throughout the U.S.

  • 5 Social Media Mistakes

    Well, we are delving into a subject that many people have addressed before: Social Media mistakes. I hope that what we have learned here at Encite working on clients’ social media strategies is at least a little useful and unique to those small business owners out there. As an advertising...
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  • Soliciting the public for their creative feedback. It takes guts!

    Feedback is great. It helps from both a personal and professional perspective for individuals and corporations to grow, develop and mature. Now one has to be prepared because feedback, whether it is requested or not, can be humbling. This is why the majority of individuals don’t ask for it. From...
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  • Marketing Success: commitment, consistency and confidence

    Most products and services in the marketplace aren’t groundbreaking and innovative. They are a commodity and “me too” concepts with very little differentiation between them. That is not to say that they can’t be successful. It will just take a bit more work to get there. Marketing and advertising works....
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  • Incomplete marketing initiatives

    Empathy. Frustration. Compassion. Annoyance. I think every marketing and advertising agency experiences these feelings when working with clients. In fact, any marketing agency that is worth anything must at some point feel personally connected with the work they are performing, so these emotions will inevitably appear. At times, I can...
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We help you improve your business and achieve your goals
while keeping it affordable!

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