13 Jul 2012

MAD MEN Salaries. Accurate?

I just happened across this infographic talking about the wildly popular MAD MEN television show. Although this is very interesting, I would have to disagree with Carrington College’s salary for Don Draper. They have him making $80,000 per year in 2010 dollars which is exceptionally low, especially for top talent producing the best campaigns.

What people don’t understand is how hard it is to actually come up with a successful marketing and advertising campaigns that are true to a client’s brand, address appropriate messaging and integrate all other marketing and advertising channels. The show itself shows Draper casually spitting out creative campaigns that everyone loves, achieves client goals and makes everyone money! That in itself would command a six figure salary! What they don’t show is all the work that goes into creating such campaigns. Strategic planning is paramount in the creative process and the foundation on whatever you do. Next, research of the client, their competition, industry, strengths and weaknesses provides a road map for the tactical and creative process.

So Draper’s $80,000/year salary is peanuts for a Creative Director. In addition, he works in New York City where some top execs are commanding $750/hr according to Ad Age. Marketing and advertising agencies in Denver, such as my own, still couldn’t get a Creative Director at that price. If you do, you aren’t commanding top talent, which is an enormous disadvantage in this industry!

MAD MEN Business Infographic

[ Via: Carrington College



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