Pickens Technical College, Marketing Services


Pickens Technical College (PTC) is a community college located in Aurora, Colorado. Its partnership with Aurora Public Schools allows it to offer students a unique opportunity to learn the skills they’ll need in a career in the culinary arts, auto repair, medical billing and administration, and more. PTC’s philosophy is to let its students learn with their hands, by doing the things they’ll be expected to do in their careers.

We helped develop an integrated marketing plan for PTC that allows them to connect with prospective students and explain the benefits of earning a certificate with experienced professors all geared to getting them the best experience they can in and out of their classrooms. We plan, execute and evaluate their content marketing, email outreach, social media campaigns and brand ambassador program.

Encite also developed their current marketing campaign along with the materials to promote it. The campaign is: “PTC: A Great Place to Start.” Now students know instantly when they see the slogan that they can start a fulfilling and lucrative career in the field of their choice at PTC.

Please note: In addition to Internet marketing services, media planning and buying, and copywriting and graphic design, we are different from other marketing agencies since we offer: visual identity, branding, logo design, website design and development, public relations, event marketing, and strategic planning.