03 Aug 2023

Is it Time for a New Logo? 

We’ve all heard the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 

Well, we couldn’t disagree more. 

Sometimes, a brand needs to be refreshed. Before you jump to the defense of your own company who has been holding on to your original branding, it’s important to realize that there is a difference between the words “refreshed” and “replaced”. 

The initial reluctance most clients feel when we suggest this is understandable. But it isn’t enough to simply be satisfied with your logo and branding, it needs to excite you. 

A logo exists to project an image of a brand, company or organization in the mind of the viewer whenever they see it – and it is just as important to make sure that that image is something that employees and internal stakeholders can get behind as it is to be appealing to your outward, consumer audience. 

We’ve talked to many different business owners and marketing leads that have told us countless different stories about how logos originated. Sometimes, those stories are valuable brand builders that help us to tell the story we want to. Other times, they are things that started as placeholders and ended up staying put when business picked up and people lost track of time. More often than not, there is room for improvement. 

There are a thousand different considerations that are extremely important to consider when you are in the midst of a professional logo design process, and most of these are undoubtedly going to be overlooked by the person whose lap the task of designing a rough logo initially fell into. 

For instance, it might look great when viewed on a computer screen, but when blown up and printed in full-color, something seems off. Even more commonly, the typography might be unintentionally distracting or directly contradict basic design principles that a professional would have the training to catch and correct. 

These types of minor issues usually happen because businesses are moving at a thousand miles a minute when they start out. 

Even if you are reading this blog post and realizing that you need a refresh several years down the line, we want to stress that it is never too late to correct a mistake or make a small tweak. The pain of replacing signs or marketing materials with an updated logo is nothing compared to the potential losses associated with having incongruous, non-strategic branding. 

The best way to start fresh, whether that means upgrading your logo or doing a full rebrand, is to get a different opinion and open up the conversation. We’re always here to chat branding, marketing and creative and give you our expert opinion tailored specifically to your business and its needs. If you are looking for an ad agency to handle your logo development process, give us a call today.


I’m Sophie Mann, and I work at encite branding + marketing + creative as Vice President of Strategy. My job entails a continuous study of business, marketing, data and culture, all in the name of driving strategy forward. I’m passionate about helping brands resonate more strongly with their consumers and communicate with their ideal clients. I’m also a proud graduate of the University of Kansas - Rock Chalk!

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