The Help on Demand concept was born from the unique challenges that the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 presented for Consumers. The time that they could shop for and enroll in a healthcare plan went from any time during the year to a several-month open enrollment period. Not to mention, with so many brokers working as independent contractors, it was almost always impossible to know their availability.

Help on Demand was the solution to that problem. The vision was to create a system that would connect people faster, taking into account both when and how they preferred to be connected with. Though the idea was originally developed for healthcare exchanges, it is a concept that truly transcends companies in all professional service industries with fragmented customer service.

The unique selling proposition of the Help on Demand’s products is simple. They offer lightning-fast connections, allowing users (both Consumer and Expert) to either or receive the help they need in just seconds. HOD wanted to develop a campaign that spoke to their system’s ability to minimize lost opportunities stemming from unreachable, or otherwise untapped leads, filling a need that other referral systems don’t necessarily satisfy.


The objectives of our work with HOD included setting up logical, successful process to collect, develop, nurture and close new business, as well as created content marketing, social media messaging, an integrated campaign that would help facilitate communication with HOD’s target audience, and development of creative collateral to be used across different channels. Most of our messaging centered around our marketing campaign called “FOMO”, or the “fear of missed opportunities”.

We began by conducting a thorough review of HOD’s marketing activities and existing assets. Then, we built our comprehensive strategy around an integrated sales funnel including lead generation, content marketing, direct mail, drip email, an email newsletter, webinars, social media posts, Google Ads, and more.

Our email drip campaign encompassed messages like “Take the leap!” and “It’s never too late!” to encourage our audience to engage with HOD and increase their chances of connecting with leads. We also felt it was important to give our target audience concrete numbers and real-life success stories from industry leaders who have benefitted from HOD’s system and the technology behind it. This led us to develop a case study that outlined key learnings, success metrics and insights from one of HOD’s largest client industries – health insurance.

Target Audience

The main target audiences we focused on for HOD were insurance adjusters and brokers- because HOD has a footprint in all 50 states, our geographic area was nationwide.


Though our work continues with HOD, we have already seen tremendous success with the campaign we developed, and have seen an increase in new leads and revenue coming into the business as a result. Our efforts hed to a 11.2 percent increase in average conversion rates, and a 17 percent increase in lead generation.

We hope to continue this success in the second half of 2021.

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