RAM is a media research company that needed to attract more clients using promises of better Returns on Investment (ROI). They needed better market penetration to find more clients that needed their services.

RAM focuses on collecting data on digital media on behalf of their clients. They needed a concrete guarantee they could offer their clients to attract a greater following on the Internet while also promoting their webinars and seminars.

Because RAM needed many physical marketing materials for their sales force —brochures, business cards, folders, and pamphlets—we at Encite had to develop a uniform, consistent look for all of these materials. Developing a consistent look for a brand is a key marketing strategy for any company, especially for a company like RAM that relies on physical, proprietary materials.

Our efforts for RAM didn’t end with a few fancy pamphlets and business cards, however. We designed a mobile app for RAM consistent in look and tone with their printed materials. We also helped develop a marketing campaign around their 90-day ROI guarantee.

As a marketing firm, we can help you craft a consistent, strong, provocative, and eye-catching branding strategy to unify your physical marketing and your website marketing efforts.

Please note: In addition to strategic planning, graphic design, and copywriting, our marketing agency in Denver, Colorado also offers: social media marketing and optimization, branding, Internet marketing services, public relations, media planning and buying, and event marketing.