Regis’ unique selling proposition is that they are a small, close-knit university that values community and connections above all else. Students know that even after graduation, they can still rely on the support system that is their alma mater, its alumni, and its current students. Regis is unique in its approach to education, encouraging students to examine their heart, question the status quo and make a difference in the world using lessons they’ve learning during their time on campus. We wanted to highlight these attributes in not only the promotional materials we developed, but the event we were tasked to market as well.

The objective was to set up a mix of marketing material including a new logo, social media, direct mail, email, promotional posters and more, ultimately working with Regis to merge several existing alumni events into one large alumni weekend: Blue & Gold Weekend- Regis, Then and Now.


Our most pressing task was to develop and event logo for the weekend, so we started with what was already at our disposal. Regis design components like the trinity triangle symbol (or shield) made the event logotype feel more consistent, cohesive and congruent. Along with adding these design components, we explored visual metaphors for time, as well as showing the type treatment for “Then & Now” overlapping to suggest coming together as a community and visually relating to many of the other Jesuit tenants and historical design references.

Target Audience

The main target audience for Regis was alumni and other University stakeholders.


We began working with Regis in early 2020, with the official event being slated to take place in September. Unfortunately, it had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but our team was able to pivot our strategy and take the event online. Overcoming the constraints of social distancing, Regis adapted to the trend of virtual alumni events and successfully hosted its first virtual alumni reunion. People seemed eager to have the chance to connect- in fact, we received almost 150 RSVPs in the first week the event was announced alone. The virtual reunion was a huge success as it offered Regis alumni the much needed opportunity to bond with their friends and larger alumni community during some extremely testing times.

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