05 Jan 2021

How to Build Your Brand Messaging

In order to build an effective brand, you’ll need to do some work. From settling on a defined identity and personality to deciding what your voice will be, lots of different building blocks go into creating an impactful brand message.

So, what exactly is brand message?

To put it in simple terms, brand messaging is how you use your company language to differentiate yourself from the competition. From website copy to the fine print on any packaging you might have, your brand message speaks to your consumers from almost every touchpoint.

Let’s go through some important steps in the development process.

Step 1: Figure out what makes you different.
Every company has a unique selling proposition. Do you solve problems more quickly? Do you offer a lower price point? Whatever it may be, answering that question is a vital first step.

Step 2: Define what your goals are.
While the overarching goal of any business is increased revenue, let’s put sales goals aside for a minute. In this case, we’re talking about more emotional, connection-based goals. Why should a client or consumer engage with you instead of your competition? A personal relationship can carry a lot of weight, and mapping out how to build that should absolutely be a priority.

Step 3: Implement your brand messaging.
Once you’ve defined the core elements of your message, you’re ready to launch. At this point in the process, consistency becomes key. It’s important that written, spoken and visual language are cohesive, and employees know exactly how to speak to what you do and why you do it. Developing a formal Messaging Toolbox and distributing it throughout your organization is a great way to do this.

We understand that this can be a time-consuming endeavor, but we can promise that it will be invaluable to your future business development.

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I’m Sophie Mann, and I work at encite branding + marketing + creative as Vice President of Strategy. My job entails a continuous study of business, marketing, data and culture, all in the name of driving strategy forward. I’m passionate about helping brands resonate more strongly with their consumers and communicate with their ideal clients. I’m also a proud graduate of the University of Kansas - Rock Chalk!