30 Sep 2011

Talk about a successful promotion!

Jimmy John’s, a nationwide sandwich chain, launched a “Customer Appreciation” promotion last week here in Colorado. They offered their 8” sub sandwiches for $1 from 11am-3pm. Needless to say, a few people showed up to their locations today as you can see from the picture below.

Now, some might argue at the reason for this promotion since they are obviously losing money on each sandwich. But revenue and profit isn’t the point on in this instance: brand recognition and brand equity is. The buzz alone surrounding this promotion is worth the loss they took on selling sandwiches below cost.

Individual Facebook posts were a common occurrence, local media had remote vans covering specific stores and paid TV & radio spots blanketed the Denver market.

The promotion itself accomplishes a few things.

1.      The positive goodwill created by branding this promotion as a “Customer   Appreciation” generates clear brand equity for Jimmy John’s and their business.

2.      Brings consumers that may not have previously visited their stores into their locations.

3.      Helps build recognition in their brand since it is prominent in basically all marketing channels around the area.

The real challenge for Jimmy John’s is whether or not they can capitalize on this positive press coverage, while converting some of these new visitors into repeat and life-long customers as well as engaging the loyalists of their brand that were excited to get a great deal for a product they enjoy.

Successful and well done promotion


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