01 May 2015
Salespeople What They Are Worth

Salespeople: What They’re Worth and Why You Should Pay Them More

A good sales staff is crucial to any business that sells products or services. Large corporations know this, that’s why they compensate their salesmen and women so well. Small businesses need to recognize the potential of a team of hard-working, motivated, productive salespeople all focused on putting your products in front of as many people as possible. Many small businesses invest in marketing and marketing agencies in Denver to attract more customers and drive traffic on their websites. For many companies, the amount of web traffic is enough to generate a hefty profit, but for companies that need to nurture their customer base with more personal interactions, experienced salespeople are the most helpful.

If you have a business that needs personal interactions to move products and services, you have to have a staff that can actively sell your products to customers in a way that all the brilliant marketing and SEO blogs in the world cannot. Salespeople work directly with your target customers to convince them to buy your products, of course, but they also help your brand by representing it well. If you can get the right salespeople who will work as ambassadors for your brand, you will reap the benefits.

There are a few things that all small businesses need to look for when hiring a sales staff. Remember that the wrong compensation package attracts the wrong applicants. Don’t get cheap on your sales staff. Remember that the best way to get the best talent is to pay for it. Offer as much compensation as you can to prospective salespeople. Make sure your sales staff is motivated as well by putting as much of their pay into incentives as you can. Talented sales people are motivated by hitting their sales marks. Make these expectations achievable but very helpful to the business. Striking this balance is difficult, but you can maximize your sales production by properly motivating your sales staff while offering fair compensation.

All businesses, especially small businesses, have to develop their talent from within whenever possible. It’s much more expensive to hire a new salesperson than it is to retain one and develop him or her within your company. If you have to fire a salesperson and hire a new one, you lose the departing employee’s contact roster and their relationships to various longtime customers, and you have to take the time to acclimate a new salesperson to the business and create a new client list for them. You may have to adjust your compensation package for a new salesperson. In other words, retaining salespeople keeps your business more efficient and keeps productivity humming.

A sales staff can push your brand to the next level. With employees working one-on-one with customers selling your products and your brand, you will see your sales improve and your bottom line rise. Small businesses should know that all employees, especially salespeople, represent their brand and everything that goes with it. Hire carefully, compensate well, and make more money.



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