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06 Apr 2017

Designing your company’s image

In few words, the image of a company can be described as the company’s face, its impression on the audience, or the most recognizable features associated with the company. A lot can be said about the concept of image, but we can try to whittle it down to just two major categories. The visual representations […]

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02 Feb 2017
Jeff Petersen, Creative Director

Encite Creative Director Jeff Petersen Wins Recognition for Work in the Classroom.

The Arapahoe Community College Faculty Senate named Encite Creative Director Jeff Petersen the Arts, Humanities, Business, and Technology Adjunct of the Year for the second time in his 13-year career. Petersen uses his years of experience designing ads, creating marketing plans, and producing excellent work to bring his students closer to the professional world, and […]

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15 Jul 2015
Advertising Firms Denver, Small Business Client

Why Agencies Love Clients Who Own Their Own Businesses

Each creative agency in Denver loves small business owners as clients for many reasons. Those who are the sole owner of their small business tend to care more about the success of the business than executives brought in to run a company that is not theirs. This is not to suggest that Chief Executive Officers […]

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01 May 2015
Salespeople What They Are Worth

Salespeople: What They’re Worth and Why You Should Pay Them More

A good sales staff is crucial to any business that sells products or services. Large corporations know this, that’s why they compensate their salesmen and women so well. Small businesses need to recognize the potential of a team of hard-working, motivated, productive salespeople all focused on putting your products in front of as many people […]

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18 Mar 2013
Kay Jewelers-Starting to segment their messaging | Advertising Agencies Denver

Kay Jewelers-Starting to segment their messaging

Competing advertising agencies don’t always have the same opinions on strategy, tactics or creative. That is pretty common. However, some don’t see eye to eye at all. I have heard stories of marketing agencies that have been downright confrontational and abusive during the bidding process for a large account. I can understand the passion behind […]

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02 Mar 2013
Creative | Graphic Design, Collateral Materials | Marketing Agency Denver CO

Inspirational creative work

As a marketing and advertising agency, we here at Encite see the value in a cohesive and coherent visual identity and branding system. A branding system is the foundation of the message you are communicating to your audience, how well they are receiving that message and whether they are responding to it. Over the course […]

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20 Jan 2013
Marketing Agency Denver CO | Advertising Agencies | Marketing Consultant Denver

Working within budgets

Advertising agencies have a big task. Clients come to us with a certain expectation on how their marketing and advertising is going to look, communicate and most importantly, provide results. As a Denver advertising agency, Encite still has the same challenges as the rest of the industry. We aren’t too worried about providing measurable and […]

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