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25 Jul 2018

Why is Social Responsibility Important?

You’ve got a solid product, a loyal customer base, and a great sense of brand identity.   So what’s missing?   One of the most overlooked aspects of a successful business plan is corporate social responsibility. Giving back to the community can not only positively impact society, but improve the public image of your company, […]

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13 Nov 2017

Was it Effective?

As mentioned the past few weeks, rebranding is a complex decision to understand. When pitching this often “radical” idea to a board you need to come with metrics that speak to others, money. It is imperative, after the rebranding occurs to track your target market and their reaction to the change in addition to tracking […]

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07 Oct 2017
Marketing Agency Denver CO | Marketing Consultant Denver | Advertising Agencies

That One Customer

“The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife” – David Ogilvy I believe this is one of the most powerful quotes in all of marketing, and in business in general. In our day to day, when we are surrounded by our coworkers and peers, it can be so easy to fall into a […]

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22 Dec 2016
Ad Agency Denver

Three Ways You Can Motivate Your Non-Sales Staff to Sell for Your Business

Marketing companies often work with sales staff to help them create more opportunities to sell their products and their brand to their target audiences. If your small business is large enough to need a sales staff, they of course need to be educated in the finer points of your brand and what it offers to […]

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30 Jun 2016
Don't Lose Customers, Brand Marketing

Three Ways to Lose Customers Online

If you’re a small business owner with any kind of online presence, you know how important it is to keep your target audience engaged with your online content and the look of your website. There are many websites advertising and offering services to millions of consumers around the world, and even in your local area, […]

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09 May 2016
Integrated Marketing Communications

Three Reasons Why You Need an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Small businesses these days are losing faith in their marketing agencies and the strategies they offer for a number of reasons. Obviously, if a marketing plan isn’t focused on their target audience or it doesn’t highlight the best attributes of a business to bring in more foot traffic and web traffic, it’s easy to lose […]

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01 Apr 2016
Strategic Planning, Strategic Marketing, Hire a Marketing Agency

Three Reasons Why Hiring a Marketing Agency is Better Than Hiring a Marketing Manager

This is a really long title for a reason: The world needs to know that hiring a marketing agency is better than hiring a marketing manager in-house. It may seem like having a marketing manager for your business will be more efficient than hiring an outside marketing agency, but actually the opposite is true. If […]

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17 Feb 2016
Interruption Advertising, Marketing Ad Firm

Polite Interruptions: The Future of Interruption Advertising

Despite the stigma that interruption advertising still gets in marketing communities, the fact remains that it can be an effective way of getting your company’s brand in the minds of your target market. Interruption advertising places your brand in the same context as your customers’ favorite television shows, music videos, and any kind of media […]

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16 Dec 2015
Marketing Firms, Attract Salespeople

How to Attract the Most Talented Sales People to Your Company

It’s all about the money. The best sales professionals are motivated to make more money for your company because it means more money for them. Of course the best sales professionals love the “thrill of the sale” and many other aspects of their profession. It they didn’t, they wouldn’t be doing it and they wouldn’t […]

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30 Nov 2015
Inbound Marketing Strategy, Strategic Planning

Five Keys to Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

You know that the keys to marketing success revolve around defining your target audience, your competition, and your brand, but how do you develop that winning strategy?  Small businesses that don’t develop an effective marketing strategy are using their marketing budget ineffectively. Advertising agencies will attempt to build a marketing plan for you, their customer, […]

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