17 Aug 2015
Strategic Planning Denver

Getting the Most from Your Marketing Plan

Every advertising agency in Denver would love to help your growing business expand and bring in more customers. Your business is dependent on its ability to appeal to new customers all the time. This is how you increase your market share and grow. Keeping your regular clients and customers is important as well, but your existing customers don’t always need a new marketing campaign, they need continuing excellent service. To get your brand into the hearts and minds of more customers, you need an effective marketing campaign that engages customers and convinces them not only that your company provides quality goods and services, but also that it is a trustworthy company run by hard-working individuals. In order to be successful, you have to make customers comfortable with your brand. An effective marketing campaign designed by an advertising firm can help.

Marketing is all about awareness, but not overexposure. Many companies think that if they throw unlimited funds at a marketing plan, plastering their brand on every surface so that their advertisements are seen by millions of people all the time, they will draw more customers and expand their business. While saturating local markets will bring in new customers, it is not the most efficient use of marketing funds. Your small business has a strict budget, with a relatively small portion of it devoted to marketing. If your market is Denver and the surrounding area, your best partner for developing a strategy is a local advertising agency that can create a comprehensive plan specifically for your target audience.

Developing this plan takes time and careful thinking about target audiences and how to engage them. Since you can’t plaster your logo on every public surface, you have to direct your advertisements to your target customers in ways that will keep them engaged with your company and bring in new revenue. Before you walk into the office of an advertising firm, come up with a basic sketch of your ideal customer. Where do they shop for goods and services? How old are they? What’s their average income level? Advertising firms will ask you all of these questions and more, and if you don’t know your ideal customer’s profile, you can’t start marketing your services in a targeted way.

Part of the job that almost every agency performs for clients is basic market research. Having an idea of where your business fits in your market will arm you with the knowledge you can use to market to your ideal customers and find ways to increase your revenue and market share. When you present your customer profile to a firm, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect, your advertising agency will move much faster in deciding the best marketing strategy for you, and you’ll come away with more inspiring work. Designing advertisements and deciding where to place them is a difficult task for any marketing agency, and you can get the most from your marketing plan if you have one for the agency to work with.



Adam is a graduate of Colorado State University (bachelor’s degree in marketing), and he has experience on both the client and agency side of the marketing world. These experiences led him to come up with a unique, more efficient business model, which he’s incorporated into Encite Marketing. Adam sets the strategic direction for all Encite projects, developing integrated marketing campaigns that bring results. He takes a consultative approach with clients, educating them about how the process works, and keeping them in the loop about end goals, steps, and tasks.