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15 Oct 2017

More than just a Logo

As an established company or brand, it is no surprise that your brand logo is one of the most prominent ways customers identify and recognize your name. Logo design can be highly influential to customers, therefore, choosing the right logo to represent your company is imperative. Think of popular brands; at the mere mention of […]

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13 Mar 2017
Social Media, Business Tool, SMM

Organic Social Media Interactions

Social media is everywhere.  People of all demographics use social media to share, like, and communicate with others.  It also makes for a great, and often necessary, platform for businesses to interact with their customers.  Social media is now one of the primary sources of information on businesses and organizations.  Users can post reviews, make […]

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15 Feb 2017
Logo Design, Marketing Denver

Why You Need a Design Tool Like Mark Maker

Want to read more great marketing content? Sign up for our newsletter which has exclusive articles! Kevin J. Ryan wrote an article on a new logo designer called Mark Maker, which uses highly complex algorithms to design a logo for your organization for free. He cited a few examples of terrible logo designs and looked […]

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02 Feb 2017
Jeff Petersen, Creative Director

Encite Creative Director Jeff Petersen Wins Recognition for Work in the Classroom.

The Arapahoe Community College Faculty Senate named Encite Creative Director Jeff Petersen the Arts, Humanities, Business, and Technology Adjunct of the Year for the second time in his 13-year career. Petersen uses his years of experience designing ads, creating marketing plans, and producing excellent work to bring his students closer to the professional world, and […]

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03 Mar 2016
Social Media Mistakes

The Five Biggest Social Media Mistakes

Social media is a powerful tool for companies to draw more traffic to their websites, advertise new products and services, and engage with current or prospective customers and clients. Even brick-and-mortar stores can benefit by broadcasting news about the company on social media outlets. These outlets can help broaden the exposure of any company or […]

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11 Mar 2013
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Recognizing that niche

While working with a variety of small businesses here in Denver, I have heard many great ideas, concepts and business plans. In fact, that is what an advertising and marketing agency is ultimately on the look out for: original and novel thoughts paired with the people courageous enough to pursue them. This past weekend, I […]

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02 Mar 2013
Creative | Graphic Design, Collateral Materials | Marketing Agency Denver CO

Inspirational creative work

As a marketing and advertising agency, we here at Encite see the value in a cohesive and coherent visual identity and branding system. A branding system is the foundation of the message you are communicating to your audience, how well they are receiving that message and whether they are responding to it. Over the course […]

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01 Dec 2012
Social Media Management | Marketing Agency Denver CO | Advertising Agencies

Best work all the time

The marketing and advertising industry is pretty unique. Marketing and advertising agencies can struggle with the varying dichotomies of the trade. This industry is objective given that clients are expecting a return on their marketing investment by seeing real gains in revenue, market share and brand recognition. It is also subjective on the creative side […]

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