Month: January 2009

28 Jan 2009

Shocker!! USPS is cutting out a day of mail.

If you are a US Postal worker, I would start refreshing my resume. You will soon be out of a job.

Today, the Postmaster General told Congress that they may need to cut one day out of postal delivery.(full article here) Only ONE?? Although I am a proponent of an integrated marketing campaign which can include direct mail, I have know for quite a while now that the physical delivery of paper mail pieces is going away. And soon….

Many large companies have already given people the option of going green by not receiving paper bills. I for one, welcome the alternative: a quick email with a pdf of my bill. It is much easier to track and less of a hassle. With online bill pay systems in place as well, I never even have to respond to the bill. The money comes straight out of my bank account. Talk about convenience!

Direct mail is not far behind. For years, people have complained about all the “junk” mail they receive on a daily basis. Because they are so inundated with it, the vast majority of it goes directly to the trash can. In fact, at my mailbox, there is a trash can directly next to the rows of boxes and is full everyday!
If these pieces didn’t interest me from a design perspective, I, too, would place them directly in the round file cabinet.
In addition to that, the green trend isn’t going away anytime soon and some people see direct mail as wasting earth’s resources, which I can partially agree with. So Direct Mail will also be facing an increased campaign against it. That is a very uphill battle and backers of direct mail better start to prepare for it, if they even want to fight. Long term, direct mail is going to lose.
Social Media is also rising in relevance and people are using that medium as a very successful marketing tool. This tool will start to cannibalize direct mail even more than it is now. Direct mail utilizes a lot of resources: material and financial. Social media takes place in the virtual world and is free, it’s reach is broader and more relevant. Which one would you choose?

So, unfortunately for postal workers, your days of job security are limited. Please read the writing on the wall and start pursuing new skills. This will be an opportunity for you to start a career that you have always wanted. This is the push you need. Otherwise you will be part of the millions on unemployment.

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21 Jan 2009


Since everyone is talking about the inauguration and political topics, I am not. There are some very applicable marketing topics that pertain to President Obama such as Personal Branding and how people perceive you, but I will save those for a later time.

Two days ago, I was at work and the phone rang. Our receptionist had already gone home for the day, so I picked up the handset. What did I hear? nothing…….for almost 5 seconds.

I was just about to hang up when I heard a click and a voice says, ” Uh, yeah, Hi. Is Mr. So-in-so there?”


I am very surprised people still use this kind of tactic. Not only is it labor intensive, it is VERY expensive. Below are the TOP three reasons not to employ a telemarketing strategy. ( there are many more than three, but I will keep it simple)

1. You are killing you brand. The telemarketing initiative meets with an enormous barrier. I do not know any one person that enjoys getting an unsolicited sales call from a stranger trying to sell them on God knows what! If you do happen to keep that person from hanging up on you, they are immediately defensive and angry. This creates a negative impression about your company and your brand.

2. In no way are you creating a lasting, real and authentic relationship with you customer. You may make a sale, yes, but you are going to have to do that every time for every sale. There isn’t going to be any revenue over the life of the customer. ( I guess it depends on what you are selling, but normally, you will have to repeat this process over and over and over)

3. You are wasting you money that can be used in other more effective mediums like, oh I don’t know, the internet!!!! Why in God’s name would you lease a building, pay for furniture, run phone lines, hire loads of people, train them, etc when you can create a website with great content that people can interact and learn about you and your products. Then create a blog (free), social media (free) and other internet outlets (most are free) and start interacting with your clients in a real way.

Now, this tactic may work for some and they may support it wholeheartedly, but i would never suggest to my company or my clients to do this when there are so many other great ways to reach your market.

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09 Jan 2009

You aren’t very smart

Bill Gates is a smart man.

Stephen Hawking is a genius.

Are you as smart as these two men?

Yes, you are.

Can you practice Theoretical Physics?

Can you program an operating system?

Probably not.

But, you can educate yourself to do whatever it is you want to do.

However, there are a variety of reasons not to chase your idea. Fear is a big one. Laziness is another. I have actually heard people say, “I’m not smart enough to have my own business.” What’s not smart enough is that statement. Of course you are smart enough to own your own business. Overcoming those barriers that stop you from implementing that business or idea will make you smart enough. Now, this isn’t some kind of pep talk or motivational speech that I am trying inspire you to “reach for the stars” and to make you feel good. (although I hope it does)

My point is that most innovative people have one important characteristic in common………Execution.

They have an idea that motivates them to do what: Act On It. That is the difference between success and mediocrity. The guts to move forward with your idea and pursue it with unwavering passion is what can make you a leader. And that is what will make you a success.

If that isn’t what you want, by all means, stick to the status quo. Work your 40 hours a week and collect your paycheck every two weeks. That is ok. Some people are satisfied with that. I am talking to those people who want to be remarkable. Who want to work on something fun and interesting. Who want to lead people and organizations.
This thing we call the internet has opened so many opportunities to people that boldly chase their ideas. The ideas are out there and you have had some.

Act on them.

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