Month: June 2014

17 Jun 2014
Creative, Graphic Design Collateral Material

Biz Quiz Tuesday!

Can smell be a factor in a brand? Smell can be a tremendous factor is how a brand is perceived to consumers. As one of the five senses, smell can associate with different emotions which ensures a more significant connection to a person, product or store. We are bombarded with our visual sense with so […]

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09 Jun 2014
PR Firm, Advertising Denver Colorado

Biz Quiz Monday!

How do you add user generated content into your marketing? Asking fans and customers help you with your marketing is a great idea! It gets them engaged with the brand while taking another task off your plate. A great way to add user generated content to your marketing is to ask fans and customers to […]

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02 Jun 2014
Advertising, Direct Mail, Packaging

My marketing doesn’t work!

The challenges for advertising agencies aren’t any bigger than any another business. We deal with unruly clients, dishonest employees and stubborn vendors. We also worry about new business development, economic ups & downs and competitors, just like everyone else. So our problems aren’t totally unique, they are just different especially if you work with small […]

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