Month: June 2017

26 Jun 2017
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What’s the Buzz with Buzz Marketing?

Buzz Marketing is one of the most challenging marketing methods available, but can also be one of the most effective. Buzz Marketing is a viral marketing tactic that works to maximize word of mouth communication of your crafted brand image or message. Basically, your tactics get people to talk about your business, your product or […]

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19 Jun 2017
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The Basics of Television Marketing

In May of 1938, the world was forever changed. The newly invented television was finally made available to the American public, and began a long tradition of appearing in almost every home. Though we didn’t yet know it, this advent also changed the way we do marketing. For the first time, we were allowed into […]

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16 Jun 2017
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Storytelling Debrief

Over the past few blogs we have focused on storytelling as a form of marketing. We’ve gone over quite a bit of information that we hope will be helpful in your future endeavors. We’d like to put a nice bow on this series and do a quick debrief on some of the more important points. […]

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