Month: August 2019

26 Aug 2019

Marketing to: Millennials

When you look at a group of people you want to target, it’s important to understand their specific characteristics, needs, and means of communication. Gender, race, socioeconomic class, and more feed into these personas, but there’s another differentiator that shouldn’t be overlooked: generational cohorts. 

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03 Aug 2019

Today at the Office: Jeff!

Hey, we’ve all got our guilty pleasures… but we’ve gotta be honest, we were a little surprised by Jeff’s. Get a peak at ad agency life and stay tuned for the next episode of ‘Today at the Office’!

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02 Aug 2019

Decoding Advertising Buzzwords: Low-Risk, High-Yield

The best marketing strategy is the one that will get you the results you need, and quickly. Sometimes, the best way to achieve those results is to target the audience that you already know will be most receptive to you. Not only does this maximize your potential return on investment, it increases efficiency.

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