Month: March 2017

27 Mar 2017
Marketing Agencies, SEO, Search Engine Optimization

3 Components of SEO and Why They’re Important to You

What exactly is SEO?  Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a webpage and improving it to increase visibility on search engines.  SEO is separate from advertising as it focuses on a search engine’s organic results.  It involves no payment for keywords and no negotiating with different search engine providers.  It is not a […]

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13 Mar 2017
Social Media, Business Tool, SMM

Organic Social Media Interactions

Social media is everywhere.  People of all demographics use social media to share, like, and communicate with others.  It also makes for a great, and often necessary, platform for businesses to interact with their customers.  Social media is now one of the primary sources of information on businesses and organizations.  Users can post reviews, make […]

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01 Mar 2017
Event Marketing, Sponsorship Marketing

The Basics of Event Marketing

Event marketing is an excellent way to reach many customers quickly.  At a base level, event marketing is a subset of the much larger sponsorship marketing category.  It is the opportunity to support events in some way in exchange for being able to market your brand at the event.  The current leaders in global sponsorships […]

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