Month: December 2012

23 Dec 2012
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Agency side versus client side

In advertising and marketing circles, conversations about working on the marketing agency side versus working as an in house marketing person are pretty common. Many people are partial to one side or the other, but each has their pros and cons. I think Denver is a pretty conventional market. We have several large companies that […]

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14 Dec 2012
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Most unprepared to accept Social Media criticism

Advertising agencies have adapted to new marketing tools very well over the years. In fact, a certain advertising agency (not mentioned) has pioneered several new initiatives that are now common practice. With online communities and social media becoming an ordinary ritual for millions, marketing agencies use this instrument to create awareness, promote sampling and establish […]

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08 Dec 2012
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Emotional connection to your brand

Advertising and marketing agencies salivate over certain clients. At least, Encite does. Well, not literally. Certain clients’ products and services make it easier on marketing agencies because of their fundamental offerings. These offerings tend to be easy to connect to an emotion, and emotion is a great influencer of buyer behavior. Whether you are aware […]

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01 Dec 2012
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Best work all the time

The marketing and advertising industry is pretty unique. Marketing and advertising agencies can struggle with the varying dichotomies of the trade. This industry is objective given that clients are expecting a return on their marketing investment by seeing real gains in revenue, market share and brand recognition. It is also subjective on the creative side […]

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