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02 Feb 2017
Jeff Petersen, Creative Director

Encite Creative Director Jeff Petersen Wins Recognition for Work in the Classroom.

The Arapahoe Community College Faculty Senate named Encite Creative Director Jeff Petersen the Arts, Humanities, Business, and Technology Adjunct of the Year for the second time in his 13-year career. Petersen uses his years of experience designing ads, creating marketing plans, and producing excellent work to bring his students closer to the professional world, and […]

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17 Jun 2016
Website Development, Brand Audit

What Your Website Should Say About Your Brand

In the world of online marketing, first impressions are everything. Many customers, especially those looking for products or services to order directly from your website in the moment they enter the site, will not bother with a website that is hard on the eyes, hard to navigate, hard to read, or doesn’t feel legitimate. This […]

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16 Jun 2015
Leadership, Pay For The Best

Leadership: Why You Should Pay for the Best

Running a small business of any kind is difficult. Most small businesses in the United States fail after a couple of years, and most take longer than that to become profitable. Marketing firms in Denver can help small businesses by giving them the tools to advertise effectively, but all the bells and whistles in the […]

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09 Jun 2014
PR Firm, Advertising Denver Colorado

Biz Quiz Monday!

How do you add user generated content into your marketing? Asking fans and customers help you with your marketing is a great idea! It gets them engaged with the brand while taking another task off your plate. A great way to add user generated content to your marketing is to ask fans and customers to […]

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09 Aug 2013
Soliciting the public for their creative feedback. It takes guts! | Marketing Consultant

Soliciting the public for their creative feedback. It takes guts!

Feedback is great. It helps from both a personal and professional perspective for individuals and corporations to grow, develop and mature. Now one has to be prepared because feedback, whether it is requested or not, can be humbling. This is why the majority of individuals don’t ask for it. From a marketing agency perspective, we […]

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