Category: Advertising

23 May 2016
Search Engine Optimization, SEO

Five SEO Tips for Global Marketing

If your small business is online and marketing to customers all over the world, chances are you need to reach more customers all the time with a broadly appealing marketing campaign to go with your broadly appealing products and services. Selling products and making your business website available to customers around the world is obviously […]

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01 Apr 2016
Strategic Planning, Strategic Marketing, Hire a Marketing Agency

Three Reasons Why Hiring a Marketing Agency is Better Than Hiring a Marketing Manager

This is a really long title for a reason: The world needs to know that hiring a marketing agency is better than hiring a marketing manager in-house. It may seem like having a marketing manager for your business will be more efficient than hiring an outside marketing agency, but actually the opposite is true. If […]

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17 Feb 2016
Interruption Advertising, Marketing Ad Firm

Polite Interruptions: The Future of Interruption Advertising

Despite the stigma that interruption advertising still gets in marketing communities, the fact remains that it can be an effective way of getting your company’s brand in the minds of your target market. Interruption advertising places your brand in the same context as your customers’ favorite television shows, music videos, and any kind of media […]

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21 Jan 2016
Grow Your Business

How to Grow Your Business: The Five Best Places for Internet Business Advice on the Web

With a little help, you can grow your business on the Internet and gain foot traffic in stores. However, when you need small bits of information on how to promote your business on the Internet and a few tips and tricks for implementing the solutions your advertising firm gave you, you’ll need a few websites […]

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09 Dec 2015
Consumer Confidence, Branding, Reputation Management

Build Customer Confidence in Your Brand

Warren Buffet says that “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” He didn’t know how right his words would be years after he said it. In today’s digital marketplace, it takes about five seconds for a customer to decide whether or not to trust your business. Many of […]

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01 Sep 2015
Keys to marketing success.

Five Keys to Marketing Success

“Marketing success” means different things to different people and businesses. To some, marketing success means taking over a larger market share for their business, to others, it means increased foot or Internet traffic, with a larger percent of those visitors turning into viable leads and increased sales. Depending on your business model and the market […]

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15 Jul 2015
Advertising Firms Denver, Small Business Client

Why Agencies Love Clients Who Own Their Own Businesses

Each creative agency in Denver loves small business owners as clients for many reasons. Those who are the sole owner of their small business tend to care more about the success of the business than executives brought in to run a company that is not theirs. This is not to suggest that Chief Executive Officers […]

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13 May 2014
Biz Quiz Tuesday | Public Relations

Biz Quiz Tuesday!

As a full service advertising agency, we get a bunch of questions and alot are the same. Other people have the same questions, so here is our regular post to answer those questions! BIZ QUIZ TUESDAY! (sometimes it’s Mondays…but this time it is Tuesday) How do I build my brand? Many advertising agencies have this […]

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