Year: 2015

16 Dec 2015
Marketing Firms, Attract Salespeople

How to Attract the Most Talented Sales People to Your Company

It’s all about the money. The best sales professionals are motivated to make more money for your company because it means more money for them. Of course the best sales professionals love the “thrill of the sale” and many other aspects of their profession. It they didn’t, they wouldn’t be doing it and they wouldn’t […]

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09 Dec 2015
Consumer Confidence, Branding, Reputation Management

Build Customer Confidence in Your Brand

Warren Buffet says that “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” He didn’t know how right his words would be years after he said it. In today’s digital marketplace, it takes about five seconds for a customer to decide whether or not to trust your business. Many of […]

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30 Nov 2015
Inbound Marketing Strategy, Strategic Planning

Five Keys to Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

You know that the keys to marketing success revolve around defining your target audience, your competition, and your brand, but how do you develop that winning strategy?  Small businesses that don’t develop an effective marketing strategy are using their marketing budget ineffectively. Advertising agencies will attempt to build a marketing plan for you, their customer, […]

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23 Nov 2015
Social Media Marketing, Integrated Advertising

Three Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Advertising companies constantly urge their clients to not only produce compelling online content for their customers, they also help them promote that content on social media. On average, online users spend about 25% of their online time on social media. It can be extremely effective for driving traffic to your site and generating sales leads […]

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15 Oct 2015
Media Planning, Media Buying, Ad Buys

The Five Rules of Email Etiquette

These five rules of email etiquette are useful not only to small business owners making critical communications over email, they are the general rules for all professional email communication. They are especially important for small business owners, however, because generating new business and forming relationships between professionals is critical to the success of a small […]

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05 Oct 2015
Ad Agency Denver Colorado

Five Reasons Why Interruption Advertising Doesn’t Work

Interruption advertising has a long and rich history in the advertising world. Television ads since the dawn of television are all interruptive. Many people growing up with television and radio think of all advertisements as interruptive, because their programs were always interrupted by ads of one kind or another. Today, with the rise of digital […]

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15 Sep 2015
Reputation Management, Branding

Five Reasons to Invest in Reputation Management Services

Online reputation management (ORM) is usually a key part of the overall marketing strategy that most marketing agencies in Denver offer their clients. There are many reasons why ORM services are important to small businesses, especially those rely on the Internet to advertise and sell their services and products. Many ad agencies urge their clients […]

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01 Sep 2015
Keys to marketing success.

Five Keys to Marketing Success

“Marketing success” means different things to different people and businesses. To some, marketing success means taking over a larger market share for their business, to others, it means increased foot or Internet traffic, with a larger percent of those visitors turning into viable leads and increased sales. Depending on your business model and the market […]

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31 Jul 2015
Market Agency, Creative Firm, Denver

The Importance of Timelines

Timelines, as any good ad agency in Denver will tell you, are important in any kind of business agreement. They keep everyone’s expectations the same and set clear rules for how any work relationship operates. For example, your business needs advertising work done by the end of the month. If you don’t make this expectation […]

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